Construction from every angle.

Whether your business is still just an idea or it’s an established operation whose physical surroundings simply need a little update, FPH is on the job. We listen carefully to each of our customer’s specific needs so we can tailor our services not just to meet expectations but to go above and beyond.

New construction.

We can offer everything from design reviews to site inspections to permit assistance and more. We’ll do it all to make sure your new building is just what it’s supposed to be, from the ground up and the top down.

Tenant improvements.

Working closely with designers and owners, FPH can transform an interior space to suit the preferences and requirements of virtually any occupant.


From modernizations to upgrades, from simple remodels to complex add-ons, from aesthetic improvements to complete functional overhauls, we can help reinvent just about any existing commercial structure.

Historic restoration.

At FPH, we care about the roots of this region. That includes its built legacies. We are the trusted source for thoughtful, careful, respectful restorations of the structures that help tell our community’s stories.