The keys to what we do.

While each project is unique, we adhere to certain fundamental steps to ensure smooth operations. By following these basics, we’re able to pursue our passion: delivering top-notch work and bolstering our clients’ businesses.

Cost estimating.

FPH keeps a dedicated team of professionals, both in-office and on-site, to provide prompt and precise cost estimating and management. We employ Sage and Microsoft Project software for meticulous accuracy, streamlined efficiency, and transparent accountability. Our draw requests adhere to standard AIA format or any specific requirements from our clients’ lenders.

Design and project team collaboration.

Close collaboration among design, construction, and development experts increases the likelihood of projects aligning with stakeholder goals. At FPH, we actively participate in every project phase, maintaining ongoing communication with all key team members. This approach ensures our accountability to both clients and subcontractors and is fundamental to ensuring timely and efficient project management.

Phased construction process management.

We utilize Microsoft Project to meticulously track and manage project development details and construction field scheduling, ensuring alignment with each project’s critical path. FPH project managers seamlessly integrate this information into all project facets, providing comprehensive visibility to both our office support team and on-site superintendents.

Quality control during construction.

Ensuring quality control throughout the construction process is paramount for the lasting success of any project. FPH’s steadfast dedication to quality lies at the core of our extensive track record of delivering projects on time and within budget. This commitment is also why numerous clients choose to work with us repeatedly.

Safety protocols.

Safety on every construction project is the primary responsibility of the contractor and development team, necessitating ongoing oversight and support. At FPH, all team members and subcontractors engage in a documented safety program, comprising written safety protocols, mandatory certification courses, and weekly on-site safety meetings. Moreover, we provide additional safety training tailored to specialized or unique circumstances and hazardous conditions.