Kerry Chamberlin

Kerry Chamberlin, senior construction manager for FPH Construction, Inc. for over 20 years.

Kerry, a Kitsap County Resident since 1976, has 34 years in the construction industry in Kitsap County with 16 years as President of his own construction company.

Kerry served on the board of directors for the Building Association for 9 years as a State and National Director and served as President of the Kitsap Homebuilders Association in 1997. During this time Kerry was recognized for his many accomplishments supporting the industry and was awarded Builder of the year.

Kerry has been involved in many volunteer projects throughout the years which includes; Christmas in April, build a better Kitsap, Habitat for Humanity, Make a Wish Projects, Boys and Girls Club Building and the Veterans Memorial in Silverdale.

Kerry has an extensive history of managing and building projects throughout Kitsap County. His ability to work successfully with clients and their Architects to fulfill the dreams and desires for their new building has always proven to be rewarding.