Project Approach

Working in a Design and Project Team Structure

We have completed many projects over the years employing a design and project team approach and find it to be the most rewarding kind of work that we can do. The collaborative nature of such an arrangement we believe yields well thought out and well executed projects that hold true to project goals and accomplishing the owners’ objectives.

In any project development structure one of the most important elements is communication between the parties. This is especially true with a development team approach to ensure an understanding of the owners’ desired outcome at the best value.

Our policy is to have staff involved in the pre-construction process and continue with the project during the construction phase to eliminate the need to try to bring new personnel “up to speed” and to keep the relationships and familiarity built in the pre-construction phase between all parties. We would have one person assigned to be the point of contact for our company eliminating the need for the owner or their representatives to reach the “Right Person”. Adding to this relationship building process are the relationships that we have built over the years with dependable, professional subcontractors. These companies are also key in timely performance, value and quality.

We have assembled a list of trusted subcontractor firms that recognize what we are trying to achieve for our clients by building a team of professionals that expect to be called on for design input and multiple versions of budget in order to fine tune the development documents. We have found it very useful to employ their expertise during the design phase as a part of the value engineering process.

We have for many years employed local subcontractors as a way to add strength to the community. Our loyalty to this ideal has been very beneficial and rewarding to our clients, these companies and FPH Construction Inc. as we have built relationships that have created successful projects on time and on budget for many years.

By following the structure outlined above we have been successful in greatly reducing the most problematic issue that we have seen in these types of projects, that being not having timely information feed back to the development team. As the project documents evolve it is crucial to have timely information available to the development team in order to evaluate the direction of the design. Having the key players involved from beginning to end and asking for their updated input at each phase of the designs development is crucial to a successful intended outcome of the project.

The timely preparation and reporting of this evolving information is the most impactful value that we or any construction partner can add to your development process.

Cost Estimating and Final Bidding

FPH Construction Inc. maintains a fulltime staff of professionals both in the office and in the field for timely and accurate cost estimating and control. We utilize American Contractor and Microsoft Project software for cost and scheduling control. Draw requests are made in standard AIA format or as required by your Lender. Cost estimates are made in conjunction with subcontractor input as described above at each phase of document development; Schematic Design, Development Design and Construction Documents to ensure tracking with the intended outcome. After contract documents are executed changes to the budgeted cost can be implemented by Change Order the protocol for which is attached.


Managing a Phased Construction Process in a Fully Operational Facility

Project development and construction field scheduling is detailed in a bar chart form using Microsoft Project. This scheduling is also integrated into all other facets of the office support and is managed by the Project Manager and carried out by the onsite Superintendent.


Quality Control Process During Construction

Quality control through the construction process is imperative to the success of the project. We believe that the production of quality projects on time and on budget has led to the many years of success that we have enjoyed in the Kitsap market. A quality project leads to success on many levels, both short and long term most notably years of dependable service to the owner. We employ several strategies to ensure quality;

  1. Fully utilize the expertise of the team members to ensure consistency with design intent and the expectations of the owner.
  2. Detailed meetings with key subcontractors to ensure their understanding of the design intent and project specific key factors.
  3. Thorough review of construction documents with key personnel and project leads.
  4. Thorough project oversight and weekly meetings.
  5. Attendance by key personnel of all third-party inspection services and review and record keeping of reports from same.

The best quality control assurance measures we can employ is the utilization of the long-standing relationships that we have with our employees, subcontractors and suppliers with whom we have completed many quality projects.

quality control (Small)

Safety Program

Safety on any construction project is the paramount duty of the contractor and development team and requires continuous oversight and support. Our safety program includes written safety procedures, required certification classes, weekly safety meetings on site and additional meetings and training are conducted for specialized or unique circumstances or hazardous conditions. All safety meetings are well documented. All subcontractors are required to implement safety programs and document the same as well as participate in required onsite meetings. We implement a policy of autonomy by which anyone is able to report any safety violation or concern without fear of retribution. Orientation meetings are held with all new hires and those employees moved from other jobs as to the particular risks on a specific site.


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